Search Engine Optimization Services In San Jose CA

Most of us, in fact, it’s estimated that 75% of us, don’t look beyond the first page of results when conducting an Internet search in San Jose California. That’s why it’s crucial that your business sits at the top of Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). First Page Advantage will get you there! All businesses require maximum online visibility to grow their business, and First Page Advantage can give you ‘the edge’ over your competitors.

What First Page Advantage Can Do for Your Business

o We use the latest tools to uncover keywords used by most online searchers to find goods and services in your industry;
o We optimize for Google’s algorithm, ensuring your business reaches the largest market share of users on;
o We understand that your competitors have also implemented a San Jose SEO strategy;
o We ensure that you rank above your competitors and that you’re not stuck at the bottom of SERP. We’ll give you a highly visible online profile!

Why Is Search Engine Marketing More Important Than Radio, Print, and Other Marketing Methods?

o It’s simply a fact that, in today’s world, people seeking answers automatically ‘Google it.’
o Statistics show that more than half of all Internet searches come from smartphones and other handheld devices.
o The only way to make sure your business is the most visible in your industry is to ensure your potential customers find you when they’re searching online.

What Is the Cost of Search Marketing? Is the Cost Ongoing?

o There are no contracts with First Page Advantage: our work is conducted on a month-to-month basis with a Service Agreement.
o There’s no one-size-fits-all package when it comes to search marketing.
o Based on your specific keywords and the competitiveness in your field, we’ll offer a recommended budget and adjust according to your goals.
o We will customize your search marketing plan and can provide time sensitive, aggressive budgets right through to less financially demanding budgets.

The Process of SEO

o We’ll conduct a complimentary site analysis to determine the online health of your website.
o To diagnose your website and online presence, we’ll take a comprehensive look at your entire website, the competitiveness of your industry keywords, your competitor’s sites, and other relevant search factors.
o Following our initial analysis and diagnosis, we’ll make our determination on what it will take to put you at the top of Google SERP.

First Page Advantage: We Put You at the Top!