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Are you tired of wrong listings? Do you want to gain more customers and take control of your search rankings? If you have answered with yes to either one of these two questions, you have arrived at the perfect resource. We can help you, providing professional listings management for your Sarasota-based business.

Are listings that important?

Incorrect business listings can hurt your chances of success. They frustrate prospective customers, having a negative impact on search rankings at the same time.

Most clients will redirect their attention to the competition, as they find incorrect or insufficient business information (addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, etc.) to be unacceptable. On the other, a correct listing, updated on a regular basis, can do wonders for your business.

I can manage the listings on my own…

Sure, you can. But we promise better results. Given our experience and skills accumulated in the field of SEO, we can ensure that your locations will perform better in the search results of major search engines. Thus, potential clients will be able to find you at the right moment.

With us, you will no longer have to worry about having to update your listings manually. We guarantee real-time control and the 100% accuracy of every business listing. Moreover, each time we will create a new listing or make an update to existent ones, we will work to protect the sensitive information from unauthorized access. You can verify the status of your listings at any time you might desire, seeing which ones are live.

Listing enhancement

Listing enhancement is one of our primary specialties, helping you drive more traffic to your website. Depending on your preferences and the Sarasota audience you want to target, we can add calls-to-action, as well as promotional links directly into the listing. It is a simple way to show your products and services to local-based clients, enticing them at the same time.

Analysis of customer engagement

We are happy to analyze the customer engagement with your brand, as well as products and services. The review will target both the local and online audience, and you can use the data for further developments.

The advantage of choosing us

We will take all of the necessary measures to ensure that proper management of your listings. Moreover, we will work hard to drive traffic to your business and ensure that stand above the competition. Given our connections with search sites, as well as local directories, you can be sure that customers will be on the lookout for your name (and not your competitors).

The main advantage that we have to offer is that you will be in control of your listings and their appearance in the online environment. We will ensure real-time updates for your business so that customers can always find accurate information regarding your products and services. As mentioned, we can turn these links into marketing opportunities and brand your content, thus defeating any existent competition.