Search Engine Optimization Services In Modesto CA

So many search engine optimization companies hang on every word or move that Google makes. It’s not like Google has ever stopped by any of our client sites to fill out our contact forms, or clicked-through to seal the deal to make a purchase either. We take heart in these realities and do not treat Google like a mythical legend that’s bigger than life. We put it into perspective and instead choose always to remain people-centered.

After all, it’s actual people who become our bread and butter. You will find that a majority of SEO firms are not like us. They give too much weight to Google. Instead, we give equally of our time and energy to understand both Google and people. We have seen the results for ourselves. If you take this tack too, you too will win out with your online business and SEO efforts.

Google changes seemingly with the wind, so any manipulation of the search engine giant is only temporary. Anyway, it still comes down to the basic facts. When people go online to search for business in your industry and location, do they come across your competition first? Or, do they get routed to your site? Period. That’s what matters where Google is concerned.

The customer-focused method we employ makes sure that your site is found first. Being the first in the list is not necessary, and is not always possible. Imagine someone else has had a site for 22 years about leather chairs in Modesto. You just opened up your leather chair business here in 2012. They will stay at the top spot. Though, that’s not necessarily bad.

Experience And Audience

We ensure that you maximize the return on your SEO investment. We choose to focus on garnering the attention of actual people rather than on Google’s ever-changing algorithms. Focusing on customers brings your voice, knowledge, expertise, and personality to the clients who need you. They hear your pain points because they are experiencing them. They need your solutions because you speak their language, not the lingo of a search engine.

People might seek your brand when they want a solution. They might love using your site. We look at their searching through their perspective. We look at how they got to your site and why. Where do they linger the most, and at what point on the site do they buy?


We employ discernment to know what tools to use when. Planning projects, including making the timeline according to the project goals is number one. We also take into account the competition. We constantly check and recheck our efforts to optimize and reach your audience to improve your sales.


We know metrics matter, and we have exacting standards to ensure that our efforts make you look good. We succeed only when you succeed.

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