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The SEO world is full of numerous search engines, companies, opinions and much more. One thing is recommended by Google, and Bing does another. Then there are message boards and companies that say you shouldn’t believe it, and the only way to rank it is to do this or that. There is so much talk about colored hats, backlinks, penalties, algorithm updates, search marketing, organic ranks and SERPS, it can get very overwhelming to attempt to determine the way that search engine optimization works, or where to even start. We here at First Page Advantage work very hard to make everything we do easy to understand and clear, so the following is our quick breakdown of the way it works.

How Can I Rank Well Within The Search Engines?

Given all of the programs that are available, the best way to rank well within in the search engine results pages (SERPS) at a very basic level, includes the following:

Write quality content.
Publicize and distribute your content.
Your content shares and interacts with the community.
Links to content built on other websites.
Your online reputation continues to increase, as more individuals are talking about your business, and your rank continues to go up.

For the most part, that is it. That might sound easy. However, there is so much involved to do it all. You need to ensure that your website was built in such a way that favors users and also meets the search engines’ standards. That means that it needs to be informative, clean, usable and fast. It needs to be error free and follow what the search engines want. When you are writing your content, you want to keep in mind best practices, but still, write like you are writing to real people instead of robots. You also need to make use of proper public relations and marketing strategies so that your content in front of as many interested readers as possible.

If you follow all of the rules, over the long-term, you will end up ranking very well. This is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Don’t let yourself be tempted by companies that promise you ranking and links immediately. They might be able to make some progress. However the next time there is an algorithm update, you might end up finding yourself penalized and having poor search rankings, or maybe even get blocked completely from the search engines.

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