Search Engine Optimization Services In Des Moines IA

Researching and Creating a Local Business Listing

Our search engine optimization service searches out and finds any duplicate listings of your business in local directories. Duplicate listings can be problematic and can lower your search engine ranking. Additionally, duplicate listings can affect your customers and make it more difficult for them to find the correct information and your website. If a search engine finds a duplicate listing of your business, the listings will be flagged and could potentially prevent your listing from being shown when an internet user does a web search.

In addition to searching for duplicate listings, we will analyze your competition and determine your current ranking using your keywords. Then, we will determine the best practices to help improve your overall search engine rank. We will verify that your business’s name, address and telephone number are correct and will create local listing profiles on geo-related directories, niche directories and local directories, including Google Places, Facebook Places, Bing Local and Foursquare.

With our service, we will help you to brand your image by providing high-quality images, edit your current branding and optimize your website using geotagging and backlink generation. After this, we will publish your unique branded image to the four leading local business directories. We will research and register your business with specific directories. Furthermore, we will provide you with a list of paid directories that can help to improve your ranking and profits.

If you are looking for content, look no further than us. We will provide you with copywriting services, publish reviews for your site and create coupons, complete with barcodes for your business. Our social media optimization practices include increasing the numbers of likes by running a Facebook promotion, creating deals on Bing Local and using Foursquare to increase your online and local presence.

Local likes and check-in will improve your business’s online presences and net you an enhanced ranking on search engines when a web visitor searches for a local business like yours. We continuously research and analyze the latest market trends to help you develop strategies to create local buzz. When you use our search engine optimization services, you will get an excellent return on your investment. In addition to this, you will receive the best customer service in the business in the Des Moines area. Each member of our team is dedicated to improving your online presence, page ranking and profits.

Learn how we can improve your search engine ranking and bring your business into the 21st century using our tried and true techniques. If you are ready to begin developing a lasting relationship with a company that has proven results, contact us today by phone, email or chat. We can schedule a physical meeting or handle all of the necessary information gatherings on the phone or online.

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