Search Engine Optimization Services In Denver CO

SEO – Considerations

It is estimated that an approximation of 75% of the internet searchers won’t look beyond the results found on the first page. We at First Page Advantage put your business on top of the ladder of Google’s SERP for empowered visibility on the internet.

Why Your Business Needs Our Services?

We will optimize for different Google algorithms to reach the most expanded market share of users.
We will use state of the art tools to reveal actionable and targetable keywords that users search for the most to find goods in your particular industry.
Your competitors are already doing so.
We won’t let you get stuck at the bottom, and we will make sure you rank higher than your competitors.

Why Use Search Marketing and not Radio, Print or Other Methods?

More than 50% of the internet searches take place on handheld devices.
“Googling it” has already become the preferred means of finding information or products.
Your business will stand out whenever someone searches for something relevant to your industry.

How much does it Cost and How Long Does it Take?

There is no one-off package which suits all clients.
We work without a contract – we use month-to-month service agreements.
We offer and recommend a tailored budget which is adjusted and personalized for your goals.
We have time-sensitive and aggressive budget packages to long-term and less-demanding ones, depending on your marketing plan and goals.

Denver SEO Process

We offer an entire site analysis to understand and determine the current condition of your website.
We will take a look at your site and the ones of your competitors to determine the competitiveness of the keywords of your industry and come up with a prognosis.
After that, we are going to discuss what it’s going to take to put you on top of different Google SERP.
We will obtain all of the necessary details for your website and create detailed tasks.
Proper and in-depth keyword analysis
An on-page optimization which includes Meta titles, descriptions, image tagging, keywords in the content and others of the kind. We will use our keyword research to do so.
An off-page optimization which raises the authority of your website, SERP rankings and drives significant traffic towards your website.