Search Engine Optimization Services In Birmingham MI

A lot of the people who use search engines (About 75%) expect to find the result on the first page when this expectation is not met they don’t look further.

The visibility of your business is greatly influenced by its position in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page). At First Page Advantage, we ensure that your business is placed at the TOP.


Why might this be something I need for my Birmingham organization?

  • Google’s algorithm is optimized by us reach out to the largest share of users on
  • Each industry has specific keywords that users frequently use on search engines. We utilize the best tools to discover the top keywords often used to search for goods and services in your industry
  • Your competitors most likely executed a search marketing strategy.
  • You don’t have to remain a the bottom of SERP; you can rank above competitors and increase your online visibility


Why Search Marketing VS.Radio, Print, or Other Methods?

  • Above 50% of all internet searches are done using a smartphone or a handheld device.
  • Presently in the world, individuals looking for answers “Google it”.
  • When your industry is being searched on the web by potential clients, your best chance is making sure YOUR BUSINESS emerge on the result page as the most visible solution!


What is the Cost/What is The Duration of Payment for This For This?

  • We don’t have a package that is “applicable to all situations”.
  • NO CONTRACT-We work via an agreed monthly service charge.
  • A prescribed spending plan is offered based in relation to the competitiveness of your industry and your keywords; changes are made per your SEO objectives.
  • From time-sensitive, effective spending plans(budget) to lengthier, little financial expenditure, your Search Marketing plan will be customized by us.



  • A free analysis is done for your website by us to comprehend its online health status.
  • We investigate your whole webpage, webpages of your competitors, the intensity of your industry’s keywords, and other search components that will be used to “diagnose” your online visibility and website.
  • When the diagnosis and analysis are done, we’ll talk about what will be required to put you on TOP of Google SERP.
  • We perceive Birmingham SEO not in terms of quantity, but QUALITY. That implies, your website would not get “packets of links” or non-significant links.
  • We get every single related insight about your site and make in-depth tasks.
  • We would do a detailed “keyword analysis” of your industry and your competitors
  • On-Page Optimization (meta titles & descriptions, keywords in content, image tagging and that’s just the beginning), using the keyword research, to make a solid foundation for your website.
  • Off-Page Optimization to elevate brand awareness, raise your website’s authority level, direct more people to you (traffic), and increase your SERP rankings.