Search Engine Optimization Services In Baltimore MD

To get the most out of any SEO program, you must be working with experienced and skilled professionals who understand the importance of understanding your business and your niche, so they learn how to make a customized plan that optimizes your strengths and covers over your weaknesses to give you the best possible results. They take a look at where you are, how competitive your niche is, and from that information, they can draw up a detailed and realistic optimization plan that might work to help your website shoot up to the top of the rankings.


While various Baltimore SEO agencies will have their ways of doing things, because of the nature of how search engines work, the reliable ones will all have certain parts of the process that are similar. When you’re talking to our professionals, we tackle a basic 5-step process to help get you started and ranking locally in and around Baltimore – so you can follow along with the process along the way as we get you climbing Google’s ranks!

Step 1: Optimize The Business Page

Google allows all businesses to create their business page, and this is a very simple process. But creating a simple page and optimizing it in a way that allows you to take advantage of Google’s algorithms are two very different things. Our professionals make sure it’s done right!

Step 2: On-Site Optimization

If the on-site isn’t set up right, then all the off-site work in the world won’t overcome that. We fix all egregious mistakes that could hurt you and optimize it safely, so Google will love you, all without damaging the reader experience.

Step 3: Local Citation Building

You want to make sure in all the many business listings or “citation sites” that search engines rely on have your contact information the same, and all of it correct. Even small differences between these that seem insignificant (Street vs. St, Avenue vs. Ave, etc.) can have massive negative effects on your SEO. We take care of all your citation issues online and make sure you’re ready to go.

Step 4: Proper Backlinking

Despite what some blogs might (incorrectly) tell you, backlinking is not dead. In fact, it is a critical part of SEO, but there are a right way and a lot of wrong ways to do it. Our team finds high-quality, relevant backlinks that will not only help you build your rankings but do so in a safe way that also builds trust and authority. This will make a huge long-term difference for your website especially against local Baltimore competition.

Step 5: Gather Important Reviews

In local SEO, getting positive reviews from your customers is crucial for ranking locally. We use a wide array of strategies to help you get those oh so important reviews and get you to the top of your niche.

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