How can my company benefit from PPC advertising services?

  • Pay per click advertising increases your visibility immediately by putting you at the top of your search engine of choice.
  • Instead of investing your budget on a variety of platforms where users may or may not click on your ad, PPC advertising benefits your company by targets people who are expressly searching for your service.
  • As well as driving traffic to your website, PPC ads help you find out which keywords your target market is searching for and how many people are clicking on your ads.
  • Once we have identified the most relevant keywords, we can help you fully optimize your website.
  • PPC marketing is a cost effective and valuable tool, but it requires expert management. We can help you identify which keywords to define and what platforms you should be targeting.

PPC – ‘Pay Per Click’ 

Have you noticed when you’re searching on Google, Yahoo, Facebook or Bing, that running above and alongside the search results is a column of advertisements? These ads are known as ‘Pay Per Click’ advertisements, and they’re a great way for your business to expand its online footprint. We can help with your Pay Per Click advertising, whereby we custom-create Yahoo, Google and/or Bing Advertisements or Leads specifically to your businesses product or service. This means that when a customer search for a related keyword to your business a relevant ad will show customers that click on your advertisement they’ll be directed to the homepage of your Search Engine Optimized website.

Why Pay Per Click Is Important

Pay per Click is a great marketing tool because it enables information regarding your website to spread far and wide across the globe. Rather than relying on an organic build-up to achieve high ranking on search engines, Pay Per Click puts the advertisement fair and square on the first page of results.

What Are the Benefits of Pay Per Click?

• Your advertisements will be live right away;

• You’re free at any time to adjust the budget;

• You decide when and where your ad will show

• Your Return on Investment (ROI) will be measurable;

• An increase in metrics and non-organic listings.


List Of The Leading Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks

Businesses these days spend billions of dollars on print, radio and TV advertising as well as direct mail. Much small business is unfortunately left frustrated due to lack of return and sales on the advertising dollars they spend. Considering that these days the average attention span for adults is less than 10 seconds, it’s not surprising that so many business owners are frustrated by their lack of results.

However, there is some good news still. Consumers are now spending more of their time searching for and researching products online. Businesses need to be more proactive to find these customers by looking for and making use of the finest advertising platforms that best fit with their market. If nobody can locate your website, you really can’t expect that it will generate very many sales for you.

PPC Advertising Networks

There are many different places to advertise that offer various types of ads, ranging from media buys to Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In this article, we will be focusing on PPC platforms.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Networks

Contextual ads are displayed on publisher websites. Retargeting, search, email interstitials, domain parking, toolbar, mobile, content and in text advertising are offered. The network claims that 10 million ad impressions and 180 million individuals ais delivered every month.

Google Adwords

This is the largest of all of the PPC networks. Ads get displayed on the right side, and top of the Google search results in pages. You can target by keyword, keyword search terms, time of day and other criteria. Local search based, image and text ads are all available. To get started can be overwhelming at times. You can get help from Google Adwords Express at

PPC ads get displayed on and Keyword search terms can do targeted. The network claims 151 million U.S. searchers.

A search engine is provided made up of smaller niche site partners. You define your target keywords and receive traffic based on individuals searching for them using the search engine.

Here your ads can be targeted by geographic location, keywords or channels. Ads get displayed on websites that are part of the Bidvertiser network. You can select the category of the website you want your ads placed on.


Every month there are 20 billion impressions. Manual real time and automatic campaign optimization are available. Multiple verticals are covered with re-targeting and targeting.


There are 300,000 publisher websites available for advertising on. Customers can be targeted based upon locally focused and mobile ads or searches recently made on the search engines.


This network features unique ad inventory that isn’t available anywhere else. You only need to purchase the traffic that you want. You can also split test a total of 10,000 different ad combinations in a little over 1 minute. Real-time traffic monitoring is available. There are more than 7 billion ad impressions each month.


PPC ads can be created using its self serve platform. The network claims there are 2 billion searches done each month on its search engine.


Offers contextual inline text ads. Specific keywords can be bid on. These get converted into links that are contextually relevant within Publishers’ web pages. The end user activates the ads, and they can be expanded so that more details are revealed whenever a user’s mouse has hovered on a link.

Prospective customers can be reached on all of the major search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google and others based on the individual’s recent search activity. The real-time self-service CPC keyword bidding platform lets you manage your ad campaigns which connect with high-quality traffic coming from first tier search engines at just a fraction of cost of their regular CPC

Get discovered by niche markets, specific verticals and new audiences that are hard to reach via the major search engines. An automatic algorithm is used that is based on website content, relevancy and keywords for placing your ads in front of individuals who are actively searching for your kind of service or good.

AOL Advertising

A wide range of influential and dynamic audiences can be targeted.

Targets display or pay-per-click ads to premium branded or specific category websites of your choosing.

There are 60 billion impressions delivered every month by this global display advertising network. Retargeting and audience-based buying are available. Comes with campaign optimization and automatic trading tools.

The audience, domain, geographical and contextual targeting are available. There are more than 30,000 syndication channels and premium publishers.

Every month over 4.5 billion impressions is serviced. Ad units include domain parking, interstitials, sponsored listings, CPC banner ads and text ads that have thumbnails.


A self-service platform that offers personalized creatives along with real-time and automatic audience segmentation.

These self-service contextual ads get targeted to tag clouds, publisher page context and users search intent.


Ads are served by the contextual PPC advertising networks on sites relevant to what you have to offer.


The content of your site is worked off by this self-service contextual ad platform. If your website has lots of photos, then their Photofy product is great. For videos use their Vidiofy product. Linkify is for links. Textify is for text. For everything else use Layerfy.


Interests and demographic targeting are available. Users that visit hundreds of different partners websites can be targeted, including, CBS Television Stations,,, Gannett Digital, and

One of the main advantages offered by PPC advertising is that you can start very quickly. The disadvantage is that if your ad reach is defined too broadly, you can waste lots of money on unnecessary clicks. However, you won’t get any traffic if you go too narrow. You need to find the optimum balance between your website content and “buy” mindset.

Place yourself in your customer’s shoes and then be sure to test as well as re-test all of your ads.