Search Engine Optimization Services In Stockton CA

When it comes to all aspects of your business, including SEO, we feel that it all comes down to making sure that the necessary foundation is correct. We feel that the best way to achieve this is through consistency of information not only on your website but throughout the Internet.

In this day and age, the little things truly count, so we start by placing your NAP information or name, address, and phone number in a prominent place on your website. It’s not only physically viewable, but search engines will pick up on it thanks to the use of META tags. The same principle is applied to your social media pages which are also checked for contact information accuracy, and if anything is amiss, our company will strive to correct it. It’s surprising how many businesses overlook the importance of these little details, but we go the extra mile for our clients!

Localized and industry directory websites also collect this type of information to help consumers find businesses. Unfortunately, this also leaves plenty of room for error as there can easily be discrepancies in the NAP information. If errors are found, search engines will drop your site and penalize you for the mistake made by such listings as they can’t fact check which is correct.

When you hire our SEO company, you’ll find a solution to this problem as we’ll take care of it for you! We make sure that all directories across the board list correct information about your company, and if not, we contact them directly to fix any errors. We also conduct follow-ups and continuously monitor such websites to ensure you’re not penalized again.

Lastly, we believe that it’s important to understand the socioeconomic and cultural background of your intended audience in Stockton when producing content. We will strive only to create content that speaks to your customer base on a personal level. Additionally, we help your target audience find your business through the use of META tags and keywords cleverly placed in your content.

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