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Local SEO helps to expand the visibility of your company; this is done helping you your website to reach the top of local search results. One thing in particular that local business owners benefit from is SEO targeting. If you take advantage of local rankings that are highly targeted, your website will be displayed as being the most apropos customer demographic.

At First Page Advantage we offer local SEO search strategies which are specially tailored to our client’s location guaranteeing that the right inbound links, external position signals, social and on-page signals as well as review messages are sent to Google in the places that are the most relevant to your business. The marketing strategies we use allow you to build a customer base that over time will be stronger, this allows for your business to organically grow.

A lot of our efforts are geared towards ranking better in local search listings. So that this can be achieved, we monitor as well as analyze the traffic source so as to maximize results. On a lot of the most modern mobile, the web and social media platforms we have established profiles which provide information that is useful to a particular part of a local audience.

Ranking Will be Improved with a Five Point SEO Audit

One basic fact of online marketing is that website ranking, and in turn, traffic is not something that happens on their own. For successful digital marketers, it is an ongoing process to improve not only on-page SEO but also external factors. To get started, you can try this SEO audit:

Conducting an SEO audit is one of the fastest ways you can enhance the rankings of your website. You may believe it is complicated when in fact it is quite simple.

The best and easiest way to find out is with my 2017 SEO audit checklist:

1. The condition you blog is in
2. The existing issues
3. Your current advantages
4. How SEO basics are used
5. How traffic is increased

Pick your Goals for your SEO Audit

Defining goals is the most critical stage, and this includes what to expect after an SEO analysis as well as what an SEO analysis can do for you:

Locating technical issues
Content optimization
Using all SEO bonuses
Identifying which posts are poor
Improving the best of what you currently have
Increasing your loading speed
Increasing your traffic

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