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SEO is at the heart of what we do best at First Page Advantage. When you have a website without doing SEO, you can equate it to having a car with no gas in the tank. It could sit there just existing, but it will never go anywhere.

By The Numbers

According to findings in Internet Live Stats and Search Engine Land, which is a prominent publication in the tech world, there are over 40k search queries that come through Google every second. This adds up to over 3.5 billion searches every day. In 2016, they reported there were over 2 trillion queries throughout the past year. What this amounts to is a whole lot of missed opportunities for website owners who are not engaging in quality SEO.

Issues That Often Come From A Lack Of SEO

– Weak sales
– Stagnant web traffic
– Your website has little reach
– Potential customers searching for products and services you have will not be able to find you
– Missing out on opportunities by not using the more common ways for customers to find businesses online

We Have An Incredible Record

All of our SEO campaigns have great track records for boosting web traffic, site rankings, reputation and sales of businesses that work with us. We are a Certified Google Partner, which means we are well-versed in all of the best practices for SEO. Our campaigns have been able to boost organic search rankings for many businesses, and we have helped them gain the listing in the major web and map directories.

Active network profiling and SEO are now over two decades old, but the impact on businesses is impressive. Many companies that are focused on broadening their reach to clients will endeavor to have a significant web presence. It is important to know the ranking of your page on the rank scale with Google, right along with your Alexa traffic rank. You can use our handy tool to view all of your pertinent page information.

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