Search Engine Optimization Services In Quincy MA

Search engine optimization isn’t just one thing, even though many people talk as if it is. You can hardly do a web search without finding a dozen and a half articles all promising the moon but failing to deliver even a rock. The unfortunate truth is that SEO services aren’t as simple as “use keywords and get clicks.” It’s quite a bit more complicated than that. Google works hard to bring relevant content to its users. As such, they update their algorithm 500 times (or more!) during a year. Because the algorithm is always changing, SEO tactics must change to keep up. If a Quincy SEO agency isn’t willing to dedicate the time and resources into performing constant research and testing of SEO tactics, they won’t be able to deliver on their promises.

Our First Page Advantage can look at your business and create a plan of action on how to best serve your needs. We use a basic checklist that helps us identify any immediate needs, and then we use our years of experience and training to apply solutions to these requirements. Once the necessary infrastructure is set up, we can expand in multiple ways depending on the needs of your company. After all, Google made it impossible to stuff keywords into your site and climb in the rankings. Now smart tactics involve things such as site architecture, social signals, link building, and many other aspects of web design.

Once our Quincy SEO expert tacticians have set up the infrastructure for your site, we continually monitor Yahoo, Google, and Bing to see how they’re changing their algorithms and what they deem relevant. Once that’s done, we can track your online performance, keeping records of how many visitors you get, what parts of the site they visit most often, and many other significant numbers.

Quincy Pay Per Click

Many businesses try to implement a Pay Per Click strategy, only to find it failing. This is because of a combination of things. Ad blocking programs make pay per click more difficult since fewer people even see the ads. People have also been trained by unscrupulous internet businesses to ignore ads.

That’s why we ensure pay per click only gets used as part of a multi-faceted online marketing strategy and not as the foundational tactic.

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