Search Engine Optimization Services In Portland OR

While it is much easier in today’s world to build a website, all of those options and features, grouped with the competition and SEO demands, makes the process, well, anything but simple. You need the right strategies in place if you are going to grow your online business.

First Page Advantage is an experienced group of SEO professionals that can help you with your branding, strengthening your online presence, positioning your company for growth.


We handle search engine optimization for businesses in a variety of industries, and we offer a full spectrum of SEO services. After consulting with you, we will design a customized SEO plan for your company, working towards that page 1 Google ranking you want so badly.

We are going to analyze your website so that we have a much more thorough understanding of your operations. We can then better determine the SEO needs of your business. We then work on your on-page optimization, ensuring for starters that content and keyword phrases are optimized appropriately. This means that we also handle your title tags and meta descriptions, among other things. On page optimization is important, but we also have to develop a plan for your off page optimization as well. This includes taking a look at your backlinking campaign and what you have in place for anchor text, as well as the quality of your backlinks in general.

Site structure and site navigation are also going to be thoroughly checked. This is important for the search engines when crawling, but it is also important for when customers visit your site. You want a user-friendly experience all the way around. We will also work to determine whether you have the proper branding in place, as this has everything to do with consistency. Optimizing your social media accounts is another top priority.

Do you have the contact information for your business readily available to visitors? We will check those citations to make sure you have the proper information in the right places. We will also perform keyword research based on your industry and the products or services you offer. We will rank the appropriate keywords and get your site some fresh leads. Lastly, we will again address link building for you so that you know you are headed down the right path when it comes to your back linking campaign.

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