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Do You Want To Enhance Your Local Business Exposure?

Although our local search engine optimization service is similar to any other SEO campaign, we focus on optimizing your business for your local audience. In fact, we use Google Places, Facebook Places, Bing Local, Foursquare, and similar search engine properties for this purpose. For example, if your business caters to an audience in Florida, a fully optimized local presence can put your business ahead of your competition. In fact, online marketing is the future of advertising since the age of print marketing is almost coming to an end.

Is Local SEO Right For Your Business?

The United Nations Population Fund revealed that the world population was 7.2 billion in mid-2013 and is projected to increase by at least one billion people within the next 12 years. This means the population will be 8.1 billion by the year of 2025. The population is estimated to be around 9.6 billion in 2050 and 10.9 billion by the year of 2100.

Tha’s why you need to plan your local online marketing strategies today to be ready for the population expansion in the future. In fact, a younger population should be mostly using the Internet for local reviews. Successful local visibility may depend on building reviews in the long run. Hence, we include “building reports” in all our local online marketing strategies. Here are some interesting statistics that you should take note of when planning your local SEO campaign.

 More than 80% of consumers said that they had changed a purchasing decision after they saw bad reviews for that particular product or service.

78% of buyers prefer to search for product reviews online before they buy a product or service. They believe that reviews are the most credible form of online advertising.

50% of online users over 18 years of age have left a review for a product or service they purchased at least once in their lifetime.

On the other hand, the explosion of mobile usage has influenced the buying patterns of the consumer. The increased usage of smartphones and tablets has resulted in a tremendous growth of local mobile search in recent times.

64% of tablet users do local searches at least once a week.

86% of these consumers make a purchase from their recent tablet-based local search.

61% of smartphone users have made local searches from their devices.

More than 72% of these consumers have made a purchase from their recent smartphone search.

49% of both smartphone and tablet users use apps for local business search.

61% of these consumers have found local listings more relevant while 58% of them find it more trustworthy.

38% of tablet users have made a purchase over $100 while 32% of smartphone users made a purchase over $100.

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