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Has the Googlebot or any other search engine spider ever visited your website to fill in your form? Probably not.

How does it come, then, that many SEO companies focus more on what Google does than on what real website visitors want?

We have this firm belief that those who manage to understand people are going to be the winners of this game. You may be able to manipulate Google’s SERPs, but that would always be temporary. This is why we prefer to spend our time understanding people in your target market instead.

How fast can your potential customers find you when they search online? Maybe they find your competitors faster. We have a customer-centric approach that secures the online visibility of your website and all your assets. This doesn’t mean we aim at ranking you on top of search engines, but rather at offering you an excellent ROI on your SEO investment.

Our ultimate goal is to be the search services provider that focuses on the “attention of audiences” over the “anomalies of algorithms.” We spend more time in deciphering the behavior of your consumers than in understanding Google’s Pandas or Penguins. If you don’t share our belief, that’s perfectly fine. Nonetheless, if this sounds like the approach you’d also embrace, keep on reading, as this article is for you.


People are the center of all our endeavors. We strive to capture the profile of your best customers, to understand their unique needs, their problems and their motivations. Based on this consumer research, we determine the brand positioning that has the biggest potential of resonating with these people.


What do people type in when they search for your brand? How do they interact with your website? Our team defines the search path of your potential customer’s step by step, throughout the whole sales funnel. We can map out the search experiences of your audience, the resources they come across, the type of content they prefer and any other such information that can help us determine what makes these people tick.


Our experts develop content, and SEO strategies focused on addressing the questions of people in your target market. We carefully audit your website, to identify those areas where it may be disappointing people, either by shallow content, poor browsing experience, or various technical issues. We provide solutions to all these problems.


Once we know what the best strategies to follow are, we set goals, priorities and activity plans, to implement your SEO strategies and to monitor your progress. We optimize our actions continuously, based on feedback from your users. We strive to make your website more profitable.


We track everything we do so that we can understand what works and what doesn’t. We work closely with our clients to bring them closer to their goals, one step at a time.

How good is this? Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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