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We’ve been developing online websites with where they land with search engines as our emphasis for over a generation in the greater Louisville market and region. Since the dawn of the new millennium, we’ve known just how important search engine marketing and organic traffic were going to turn out to be. During that time, SEO has undergone drastic changes, repeatedly. The game was once a situation involving the manipulation of a search engine’s algorithm, black-hat tactics galore, and even massive spam campaigns of link building marathons. Now, it’s a mixture of development chops combined with content marketing.


We specialize in inbound marketing, and we’re also a HubSpot partner, so we understand content marketing. Many others in our industry have yet to embrace the truths of ongoing website updates, consistent blogging, and social media engagement. If you want search engine ranking results you can count on, we’re your answer. SEO isn’t just about Internet link spamming and the right HTML tags. Google can tell when website visitors like the content they were looking for. If inbound marketing interests you, submit this form to consult one of our inbound strategists.

A robust inbound marketing strategy is our standard recommendation if you want to maximize your results. Having said that, there are quite a few choices for enhancing the visibility of your website. We’re very experienced in both on-site search engine optimization and keyword strategies, and we’re able to deliver you such services in a way that fits your budget. That’s particularly useful to a small business or company that’s looking to grow through SEO.

On-Site Search Engine Optimization

We do our best to get to know your business but also your industry. We serve you best when we do robust keyword research for your services and surrounding niches. When we learn what your users search for online, we’re able to optimize your website for such terms. We also integrate long-tail keywords into your site URLs, meta descriptions, page titles, and headers. We do this so that Google, as well as other search engines, better recognize the content you’re hoping to rank for. Organic traffic is often the highest converting traffic, so it’s critical to pounce on that particular trend with strategically using your online SEO components.

Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

It’s critical to ensure that your page titles are properly optimized as part of the ‘on-site search engine optimization process,’ but it’s also only half the equation. To make sure that your website is visible on primary search engines, you have to manage directory citations and listings all over the Web. We use Yext to make sure your listings are consistent across all the major directories, and this has a tremendous influence on the search visibility of your website.

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