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There’s no question that search engine optimization is a crucial part of getting attention online. While Bing and Yahoo hold on stubbornly and there is a slew of smaller search engines, there’s no question that Google is the giant elephant in the room when it comes to getting the lion’s share of searches. The world of SEO is complicated, though. Trying to figure out how SEO works can quickly spin out of control with on site, off site, search marketing, algorithms, updates, penalties, boosts, backlinks, changes, lists of 200 factors, white vs. black vs. gray, conflicting information, a hatred for cute animals attached to Google’s name and more!

While there are hundreds of factors, the truth is that most are extremely minor and by focusing on even a few of the large ones, you can often do well and get ranking. Read on to learn more.


Where Do I Start With SEO?

Start with these basic steps which are absolute pillars of good SEO

  Write a LOT of high quality 100% original content
  Use social media, guest posting, and more to bring attention to your content
  Encourage social and community interaction
  Make sure you have a good clean aesthetic design that is user-friendly
  Interlink your related articles together in your blog (internal linking)
  Link to helpful authority sites related to your articles
  Repeat over and over and build your reputation

While there are a lot of small things you can do to push up your rank that is considered safe and appropriate, if you just follow those big steps, and keeps your readers in mind whenever you make a decision, then you are building a fantastic foundation. It’s not complicated – but it is an incredible amount of work. If you make a website that users love, the search engines will love your site, as well. They want to deliver the best content possible, so create the best and most helpful original content.

There’s one other big step: avoid penalties. This is a crucial one because more sites get into trouble for what they do as opposed to what they don’t do. If you follow those steps in this article and avoid anything “black hat” (aka bad/cheating), then you will prosper. It takes a lot of work, and it takes a lot of time, but by doing this and only trusting companies who stick to these rules, then you will get the results that you are desperate to see.

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