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Did you know that almost 30% of all SMB websites can’t be found in Google? Is yours in the same situation? Many people believe SEO is a set of measures meant to help websites improve their search engine rankings. This is true, but these people focus too much on this aspect of SEO services, forgetting that getting there requires detailed planning and continuous monitoring of their activities. Making your site rank better is one thing while making your site deserve to rank better is an entirely different one.

Good Strategies That Work

SEO is both an art and science. You can learn the basics of optimizing your website for search engines in as little as a couple of house. However, obtaining results that make a difference requires a certain degree of expertise and a lot of trial and error processes. Only websites optimized as per Google’s liking can indeed evolve and climb their way to the top of the search.

Technical SEO: Onsite Audits And Recommendations
Blogger Outreach
Backlink Profile Analysis
Google Penalty Removal
Local SEO-Specific Measures

If all these seem confusing to you, you can always outsource such activities to experts. Four Dots is one of the most reputable SEO agencies in New Jersey. We cover the whole range of SEO services, from thorough keyword research to link building campaigns and viral content creation. We only use white hat SEO methods, thus eliminating the risk of landing a Google penalty. Moreover, we have experienced copywriters, able to create relevant and useful content your readers are going to love and share with their peers. We know how to let search engines recognize the high quality of your web pages.

Things To Avoid In SEO:

Many companies use black hat or gray hat techniques and tools for manipulating the SERPs. Keyword stuffing, article spinning, and content scraping are only a few examples of things to stay away from. They may work on short-term, but websites using them end up by being penalized or even banned from search.

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