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Does Your Huntington Beach Business Need SEO? By hiring a search engine optimization specialist in Huntington Beach, your business website should enjoy increased sales and traffic as a result of their efforts. Once the Huntington Beach SEO team begins working on your site, the rankings of your site should start to improve in most major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

By following the “Content is king” mantra, we ensure your website includes high-quality content which is what search engines expect today. When high-quality content that is related to the subject of your business is included on your site, keywords most often used by consumers searching for your product or service will appear in the content naturally, which improves the odds of your site being found by people searching for what you have to offer. As these changes to your site are made, they will be recognized when search engines crawl the web for new content and will make changes to their database to reflect changes they have found on the internet. By utilizing keywords most often searched by potential customers in your content, your pages are more likely to show up when those keywords are searched. As a result, your pages will begin to move up in the search rankings, and once they reach page 1, you should start to notice an increase in your website’s traffic.

When adding a keyword, specific content to your site, one important rule of thumb to remember is to keep your keyword density at 3% or lower. Keyword density is determined by the number of times a particular keyword is mentioned within the content found on a web page. By keeping this density at 3% or below, you will avoid any potential penalties for keyword stuffing that most search engines frown upon today.

On Page Content Optimization

Our Huntington Beach search engine optimization specialists understand what is needed to improve your website’s presence in the search engines. One important factor is getting the home page optimization of your site right.

Optimizing Your Title Tag

The title of each website page should be direct and to the point. This is typically defined via the title tag found within the HTML code of each page. After the search engines have indexed your site, it is usually the title tag that will show up in the search results for keywords you are attempting to rank for, so it is important that the title tag appeals to and attracts the attention of those searching for the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Choosing The Right Keywords

When creating content for your website, you must use keywords that are related to your business. Also, you should also apply LSI concepts into your content as well, which will make your keywords more optimized.

Getting The Right Links

If content is king, then link optimization is queen, and is the second, and possibly the most important thing you can do to improve the ranking your website. By optimizing your internal link structure and engaging in a campaign of external link building that uses proper anchor text without going overboard, your site’s rankings should improve if you aren’t already doing these things.

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