Search Engine Optimization Services In Grand Rapids MI

With the organic results getting more than 70% of all search click-throughs, it is critical for you to hire a professional SEO company whose services are consistent with producing high rankings, conversions, and traffic for their clients. To obtain significant amounts of search engine traffic, you will first need to achieve first-page search results, which means appearing in the top 10 spots. Our ultimate goal is to get to the top 5 results (which is the positions above the fold) since those are the ones that receive the most clicks.

It isn’t enough to just have a website. Just because you build one, doesn’t mean customers will come. Without an overall internet marketing strategy and expert Search Engine Optimization, you will end up being a needle lost within the search engine haystack. Here at First Page Advantage, our team is experts at getting our clients top search engine rankings.

Making Your Website Search Engine Friendly From The Very Start Is Key

All websites that we design are “Search Engine Friendly,” which means that even if you don’t end up hiring us to do high-end Search Engine Optimization. We will still ensure that there isn’t anything on your website that will block the search engines from providing you with the best ranking possible for your website’s existing content. Clients frequently find that their sales and traffic increase within one month of launching a brand new website – that is how effective it is.

How We Obtain To Search Engine Rankings

The way we gain top search engine rankings for your website through utilizing SEO best practices for the two primary categories of SEO: Off-Site Optimization and On-Site Optimization. On-Site Optimization involves refining and optimizing content, and also getting new quality content created for your website, which optimizes your site’s server configuration, along with many other processes as well. Off-Site Optimization involves obtaining links for your site from other quality sites. It is critical for your website to be viewed as a resource by both other site owners and the search engines. These categories both come together to help improve your search engine rankings.

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