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Do You Need To Give Your Local Business Exposure A Jump-Start?

Our Local SEO Services work similar to a regular SEO campaign. However, our focus is on getting your business optimized for local listings as well as maps within search engines such as Google Places, Foursquare, Facebook Places and Bing Local.

For an area like Fremont, a completely optimized local online presence combined with a very strong SEO campaigns can pull you ahead of your competitors. The print marketing age is becoming a thing of the past while online marketing is where the future is at.

Is Local SEO Well-Suited For Your Business?

The United Nations Population Fund (2012 Revision) projects and estimates the world’s population at 7.2 billion for mid-2013.
And over the next twelve years is expected to increase by nearly one billion individuals over the next twelve years, and in 2025 reached 8.1 billion, in 2050 increase to 9.6 billion and then by 2100 to 10.9 billion.

It is essential to begin to plan your local online marketing strategy now to be prepared for the world population future growth. A younger population uses the internet to read local reviews. One of the most critical factors for increasing local visibility is building reviewers and therefore it is an essential feature as part of the local online marketing service that we provide.

– 50% of the total internet users over 18 years old have left at least one online review

– 78% of Internet users do product research online and have stated that they think the most likely type of advertising is reviews.

– 80% of individuals surveyed changed purchasing decisions based on a bad review that they read online.

The rapid increase in mobile device usage has significantly shaped buying behavior and local search. With increased tablet and smartphone adoption, there has been a massive increase in local mobile search, which has caused a high demand for on-the-go, time-sensitive needs for local business information.

– 32% of smartphone users make a $100+ purchase.

– 38% of tablet users make a $100+ purchase.

– 58% find local listings to be more trustworthy, and 61% believe them to be more relevant.

– 49% of tablet and smartphone users use apps for conducting local business searches.

-72% of smartphone owners used their recent tablet-based local searches to make a purchase.

– 61% of smartphone owners use their device to do local searches.

– 86% of tablet owners used their recent tablet-based local searches to make a purchase.

– 64% of tablet owners conduct local searches once a week at least.

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