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Did you know that 26.4% of small and medium-sized business websites do not show up in Google Search? Is your website one of them? You may have seen numerous companies and people describe SEO as the process which will make your site rank higher in the search engines. Although that is true, so often people are focused on this aspect of SEO, that they don’t go into a lot of detail on how they are planning to accomplish this. This is a big difference between making your website deserve better rankings and making your site rank better.

The Good: Effective Strategies That Work

SEO can be viewed as the art of creating an online presence, and truthfully there is also some science behind it. This, of course, does not involve extensive mathematical calculations or lab experiments; however, it does require a degree of expertise. SEO, in fact, covers numerous aspects and it is only when all of them have been optimized to the liking of Google, that a website can develop.

Local SEO
Google Penalty Removal
Backlink Analysis
Blogger Outreach
Technical SEO: Onsite Audits

If that sounds overly technical, fortunately, some professionals can do it for you. Here at First Page Advantage, which is one of the most reputable and skilled Fort Wayne SEO agencies, we can do everything from original and exhaustive keyword analysis and research to white hat link building and extensive onsite optimization. In addition to providing useful and relevant content that your visitors will be interested in and share with their friends. We do everything that can help search engines acknowledge your quality.

The bad: activities you should avoid

Many companies deal in gray and black hat SEO. If you aren’t familiar with them, they include semi-ethical practices such as keyword stuffing, article spinning, content scraping, and others, which may generate some results, but that the search engines frown on. That makes whatever results you might have seen be very unstable and short-lived.

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