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Here at First Page Advantage, Search Engine Optimization is central to everything we do. Owning a website without having any SEO performed on it is like trying to drive a car without putting any gas in it. It might just exist and sit there, but it won’t go far.

SEO According To The Numbers

Search Engine Land and Live Internet Stats, which are prominent SEO publications, report that more than 40,000 search queries are performed on Google every second. This amounts to more than 3.5 billion searches a day. Google said in 2016 that more than 2 trillion queries were made over the past year. That translates into many missed opportunities for website owners that do not utilize Search Engine Optimization on their websites.

Common Problems That Websites Lacking In SEO Suffer From:

– Missed opportunities for not making use of the standard method that consumers use to find businesses online

– Prospective customers searching for a product or service you offer will not be able to find you

– Websites only able to cast tiny nets

– Weak sales

– Stagnant web traffic

An Impressive Record

The SEO campaigns that we have proven track records when it comes to providing website rankings with a boost, increasing website traffic, overall sales and reputation for the companies that work with us. We are a Certified Google Partner, and therefore are very well-versed in all of the best practices for the search engines. Our SEO campaigns have been able to boost the organic search rankings for hundreds of businesses, and we have been able to help them get listed in the most relevant web directories and major maps.

At this point, active network profiling and SEO are two decades old. However, their effects on various businesses have been awe-inspiring. A majority of companies looking to expand their client base all aspire to have a strong web presence. It is critical to know what your webpage’s rankings are in Google, in addition to your Alexa traffic rank. Please use any of our tools below to learn more information about your web pages.

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