Search Engine Optimization Services In Columbus OH

If you are a local Columbus business that has local customers as your primary source of business, the chances are good that you would like to be as visible as you can for the locals in the search engines. This is where our team of trained local SEO professionals can come in very handy. When you work with First Page Advantage SEO, you will see that we understand Columbus and we also know what it takes to get into the top rankings in the search engines.


You Will Love Working With Us At First Page Advantage SEO

There will never be any cookie cutter solutions here, as we are always customizing our SEO strategies. All of our digital marketing strategies are built for success, and your company was built in the same manner. However, your business it does not like anyone else’s, so we will always dive deep to learn more about you so that we can come up with the perfect SEO solution to meet your needs and get you the success you are after.

We offer a team-oriented, transparent approach and we are in this with you for the long haul. This will mean working with you to give you sustainable, consistent growth, which would be nearly impossible to do without integrating as one of your own. We build a long-term relationship with our clients, and we have an intense level of commitment when it comes to becoming part of the team.

We like to refer to it as ‘Future Proof’ SEO, rather than a white hat. This is a buzzword in the industry that talks about ethical website optimization that will fall into the search engine guidelines. We have a team of SEO experts that understand 100% what it means for growth through organic, future-proof marketing tactics. The better that search engines are at weeding out all of the black-hat tactics, the better it will serve you, the client.

This is a simple summary of the local SEO process that we offer:

Keywords, with geo-targeted keyword research
A full competitive analysis for benchmarking
On-page SEO and website design, the construction of a website that is just right for search engines and visitors
Complete local business listing optimization
Diving into positive customer reviews that work to showcase greatness
Getting you up there in the rankings to put your business in place as the go-to in your niche

We do business in these counties

  • Delaware County
  • Franklin County
  • Fairfield County

And to these zip codes

43002 43004 43016 43017 43026 43035 43054 43065 43068 43081 43082 43085 43109 43110 43119 43123 43125 43137 43147 43201 43202 43203 43204 43205 43206 43207 43209 43210 43211 43212 43213 43214 43215 43216 43217 43218 43219 43220 43221 43222 43223 43224 43226 43227 43228 43229 43230 43231 43232 43234 43235 43236 43240 43251 43260 43265 43266 43268 43270 43271 43272 43279 43287 43291