Search Engine Optimization Services In Chattanooga TN

Did you know that a majority of the consumers search online to learn more about area businesses? Google states that at least four out of five consumers will use the World Wide Web to find out more about businesses such as yours. Not only that, but over 80 percent of these searchers will eventually contact your company, visit it, and even make a purchase. Search Engine Watch states that over half of these searches will end up in a purchase and the number is higher for those who perform their search on their phone. Google statistics show that half of all consumers that perform local searches using mobile devices visited the physical location that same day.

With this in mind, employing SEO efforts can help bring your audience to your place of business. If you want local SEO to be successful for your business, you want it to show up in Google’s map listings. Now, you don’t want it to show up just anywhere if you can get it in one of the top three spots; you will find that it works out well for you. So, how can you outrank your competitors to get one of the top spots on the search map?

Rank Your Business With Local SEO

As you consider getting one of the top spots, there are a few strategies that you employ. Start with local citations. This is any mention of your business name on the World Wide Web. The mention could be the company name, your address, or your phone number. Many times local citations are included on different directory sites such as, Google+, and Having your information in newspapers, events, and on blogs is also counted by Google’s algorithms. Another thing that is important to SEO efforts is reviews. Google will pay attention the what people are saying about your business by using sites such as Yelp or CitySearch. Last, you want links to your site from reputable websites. This is a crucial piece to Google ranking your site higher than your competitors.

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