Search Engine Optimization Services in Alabama

Many brands and marketing departments are cautious about venturing forth into the world of SEO and digital marketing. It doesn’t help that many SEO firms attempt to keep marketing directors in the dark about what they do. It also doesn’t help that so many marketing managers seem to consider the online world a niche market. However, there are some benefits of SEO and digital marketing that marketing directors would be wise to consider.

Increased Traffic

Google is good at what it does, and they’re constantly trying to ensure the most relevant information to the people who use their search engine. They do such a good job that a study found 90% of the people who were polled never search past the first page. A full 51% don’t go past the first three links.

Brand Awareness

The top ties in any Google search are seen by people using the Google search engine. It doesn’t matter whether or not the link is useful, they still see it. This means that people will remember your brand even if they don’t contact your company immediately. Also, being higher on the ranking list gives you more credibility. Even if they don’t use your services, they’ll know that your services are of a high enough quality to be at the top of a Google search.

Cost Effectiveness

SEO tactics have been shown time and again to be the most cost-effective marketing tool for local businesses. More than half of the people polled said that they search Google for local businesses when they want to go to a shop or restaurant. The days of television and newspaper control over people’s attention are over. These days, commercials and magazine ads simply don’t make the kind of impression necessary to bring in new clientele.


Thanks to the tools used in applying SEO tactics, the results are easily monitored. Once again, SEO tactics have one of the best Returns on Investment in modern marketing. It may cost a few thousand dollars up front, but if done right you could see that money grow exponentially.

Beat the Competition

Any service or product worth selling is going to bring in the game. A company may have hundreds or even thousands of competitors, all fighting for the same target marketing. Proper SEO tactics can help a small business shoot ahead of companies worth millions.