Matterport 360 Virtual Reality Photographer in Lakeland Highlands

The Matterport Pro2 3D Camera

With the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera, we can create a virtual walk-through, similar to the showcases provided by Google Maps and Google Street View but with a higher definition. It’s not as simple as a panoramic photo captured in an isolated location; rather it involves rapid 3D visualization on a full-scale digital model.

Clients and customers can explore the home or business using a mouse or by just swiping the screen. It provides a realistic experience, close to being there in person. Customers always crave a feel and perspective that can’t be satisfied by 360-degree panoramas, image galleries or fly-through videos.

In simple words, our 3D tours will create an emotional connection to space, providing a great experience that’s better than what virtual tours offer. Some of the features available include the following:

Real 3D Data

The technology uses 3D data together with HDR photography to create a real life walk-through. Users are entirely immersed in the property, thanks to this feature and feel like they are present in person.

Real Experience

The technology allows prospective home buyers to move through any listing, giving them a complete experience, much better than 360 photography or panoramic views. Even better, it offers a more interactive experience than a video tour.

Dollhouse View

Here, the prospective buyer gains a perspective on how the entire space flows together. It’s a much better view than being there in person.

Inside View

With this unique view, you can see how the entire space fits together from any angle in the property.

Floor Plan

With this view, users can toggle between floors rather than being limited to the top level of any model.

Schematic Floor Plan

You can get more value for your 3D tour by requesting the black and white professional floor plans which can be generated very quickly from the captured space.


Using this feature, you can provide features about the space by adding anchor text descriptions for specific locations.

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