Important Google Analytics Metrics To Pay Attention To

Google Analytics is something you can use to learn more about your website visitors. When someone visits your website, it collects data about them after you activate it. Here are the important metrics it tracks and why they’re important.
The acquisition section of the software will tell you what people are searching for or how they got there when they come to your site. Did they click on a Google result, and what was it? Did they type in the URL and go directly to your website? By learning where you’re getting traffic from, you can find the weak spots in your campaign.
Exit pages is another metric to look at carefully to learn at what point people are giving up on your site. For example, if people keep leaving on a certain page you can check it out to see if perhaps it doesn’t work properly. Maybe you missed something that was offensive to people, or the page doesn’t have good enough content. Either way, having people abandon your site when they haven’t gotten to your products or what you’re trying to share with them can be remedied when you can pinpoint the problem.
Check out the location report metric to get demographic information. You can use the audience tab to learn more information about where people are when they check out your site. This goes by what the browser says their location is, so if some people are using a proxy or VPN this might skew the results. However, in most cases you can learn more about a person like their age, where their ISP is located, and more.
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