Becoming A Local Guide For Google and Enhance Your Business

Google local guides enhance local businesses by writing reviews and recommendations, uploading photos and providing prospective customers with a good sense of the top local places and companies. Joining the Google Local Guides program is simple, just enter through Google Maps and log in to your Gmail Account. It’s very user friendly.

Once you’ve signed up as a guide, you are entered into various contests. There are five different levels for guides, and you earn different perks by racking up points and moving up in levels. For instance, once you get to level 2, you are then eligible to try any new Google product before others. At level 3, you get a Guide Badge that will show up on Google Maps. When you reach level 4, you are rewarded with free additional Google Drive space and might earn a feature on Google online channels. Level 5 can earn you a trip to guide summits.

Earning points is easy. You can share photos, correct or update entries, answer questions, leave reviews, and generally provide local info around town.

Google also hosts periodic meetups for guides, which can be a great way for you to meet, interact, and network with new prospective customers for your own business.

Now that you know more about being a Google local guide, give it some thought. You may find that it’s a great experience for you to contribute to supporting local businesses while garnering attention for yours.

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