Utilize Google Indoor Maps for Your Business

Google Indoor Maps is the latest addition to Google’s long line of products, however, it is merely an expansion or sub-product of Google Maps. If you own a building, help your customers plan their navigation and create a convenient experience by using Google Indoor Maps.

Benefits of Google Indoor Maps include:

* Providing pictures and floor plans to customers for easy navigation.
* Get synchronized with Google Map’s satellite images for easy online accessibility
* Help your customers plan their visit. There’s no need for them to look for the building directory and figure out where they need to be.
* Have your business on the Google Maps App.

Is it Customer Friendly and Easy to Use?

Yes! Your customer simply click on the app and zooms in on a building. Once fully zoomed in, the floor plan will appear automatically. If you have multiple levels, viewers can switch floors by clicking on the switcher button at the bottom of the right-hand corner.

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