How Can You Use Google Images For Business Marketing?

If you are having a hard time generating traffic to your website or creating content, it is definitely time to use Google Images to attract more visitors. But how does it work?
To start with, you need to optimize your pictures for image search, which is actually easier than it sounds. Take stock of a picture and determine which among your target keywords would describe it best. Upload it to your website and edit the HTML information. If you are using WordPress, this is easy to do as WordPress automatically uploads the console where you make edits to the HTML info.
In the title and description of your photo, incorporate your relevant keyword or a related term. For example, if your picture shows an image of a diamond engagement ring, incorporate the words “diamond engagement ring” and a few other words so that the HTML information would look like this: (title=“2 Ct. diamond white gold engagement ring”) and alt title (alt=“diamond engagement ring 2 Ct.”)
We do not know exactly how the algorithm for Google Images works and how pictures are ranked, but if we take the cue from how Google ranks web pages, it is safe to assume that a more descriptive title and alt image will not mark your pictures as spam.
Once you’ve uploaded your pictures, share them on your social media accounts, just as you would your blog posts. The idea is to get as much exposure as you can to the images. Again, taking the cue from the organic search, the more times your pic is shared, the higher it will rank.
It may seem hard to believe that Google Images can bring a boatload of traffic to your website, however, we’ve seen it happen before and we’ll see it happen again and again. So, take the hint and follow. To find out how we can help you make the most of Google products and services, please click here..