What Is The Google Advertisement Professionals Exam?

Digital Marketing Google Certified Partner Advertisement Professionals Exam

Google is the biggest advertisement network on the planet. There isn’t a day that goes by that a billion-plus people do not use Google’s online properties to search for information, to shop for products, to find services, to watch videos, or to entertain themselves. Google has a lot of traffic and tapping into its traffic is a great way to earn a lot of money.
Google’s main income source and the best way for businesses and individuals to advertise with Google to tap into those billions of people is to use one of Google’s paid advertisement products such as Google Adwords. Digital marketing firms like us specialize in advertising through Google. The company has created a certification program that ensures that these people have the skills and know how to properly use these advertising products to help their clients. It allows clients to know that this firm or individual knows the ins and outs of Google advertising.
The test requires that the agency passes at least 2 different exams. The first exam is a foundations test that proves that the person knows how to properly set and utilize Google pay ads. The second test can be in one of the following specialties: search, display mobile, video or shopping advertisement. Those are all the different ways to advertise using Google.
Receiving a Google advertisement professional certification makes that person a certified Google partner who is an expert in the area that they have received their certification. They are someone who clients can trust to do a good job and to how the expertise to help them.
It is a great honor to have these certifications and it definitely proves that a firm has the skills to use these Google products at an expert level to help clients. Contact First Page Advantage, a Google partner since 2012, to learn how you can use Google products and services to increase sales.