How can my business benefit from social WiFi?

Instead of a traditional wireless internet service, you can offer free social media powered WiFi, essentially using WiFi as a marketing tool. Create a social WiFi hotspost at your business and when customers log in from the social media account of their choice, you will have access to their social media details and email addresses. You can now send them coupons, email newsletters, and more, creating a long-lasting relationship with them. We can help you set up a social-powered router and increase your customer base at the same time.

WiFi Social Media Retargeting

Goodbye Passwords, Hello Social Wifisphere!

Turn your customers into fans!

Customers will enjoy free WiFi at your place of business.

Engage your customers on Social Media.

Gain valuable marketing data.

Run contests, promotions, and special offers.

Engage your customers in real-time.

Your free wifi service becomes an automated lead generating system.