Why does my business need a mobile friendly website?

People are spending more time surfing on mobile devices than on desktop computers. Google’s algorithms penalize sites that are not mobile friendly by moving them down its rankings. Aware they risk losing customers if their website is not adapted, business owners understand the benefits of mobile friendly websites, but they do not always know how to develop one. We can conduct a Google and Bing mobile site test and help you create a mobile friendly website design for the most common screen sizes.

Building A Mobile Friendly Website for Your Business

Did you know that mobile searches now outnumber those on desktops? The amount of time spent on social media, watching videos, shopping and surfing via mobile devices is increasing. Businesses need mobile friendly sites in order to succeed marketing today. If your website doesn’t appeal to mobile users, then you are losing out on a large portion of potential business.

Ultimately, people are feeling more and more comfortable using their mobile devices for big decisions and major purchases. Websites that are not optimized and responsive on mobile devices will lose prospective customers, especially over the years to come, as these statistics keep growing larger and leaning more favorably toward mobile device usage.

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What Is A Mobile Responsive Website?

A mobile responsive website is a site that automatically changes its layout to fit the size and resolution of the device visiting the site. The most basic of optimized sites will at least adhere to the four most common screen sizes, which are widescreen desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, you can take it a step further by creating responsive sites for the size and resolution of the most popular tablets and phones at the time.

What Is A Mobile Optimized Website?

A website that is optimized for mobile browsing is slightly more advanced than just a change in screen size. First, the site should automatically resize itself for the particular phone or tablet in use. In this sense, it has the functionality of a mobile responsive site, but with a few extra features. Navigation, layout, and base functionality of the site will change.

Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Searches.

Mobile devices will continue to grow in importance over the year. Now is the time to optimize your website for mobile usage. While we often recommend creating a site on Word Press, call us today about ensuring your site’s mobile friendliness.