Why do I need call tracking services?

  • Phone calls result in a higher level of conversions than online clicks or forms and call tracking helps you capitalize on that.
  • By using different virtual phone numbers for your advertisements, you can find out which ads are getting the most responses.
  • Telephone call tracking gives you a detailed report, including call duration, callers’ numbers and call success.
  • Using call tracking software, we can help you streamline your ad campaigns based on your results, saving you money by focusing on the most effective avenues and creating more phone traffic.

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What We Do:

Call Count’s system reports on all telephone traffic generated due to the implementation of any campaign or media advertising. Our powerful reporting tools provide access to critical data regarding phone calls generated by potential customers to marketers or advertisers on search engines, websites, printed media, and all other types of phone-based advertising outlets. The data produced by Call Count is invaluable as a marketing and sales tool: this information has the ability to drastically improve performance, and can be used as the basis of Pay Per Phone Call models.

The Information We Provide:

From Call Count you’ll receive the following specific and vital information, and this includes very comprehensive reporting for any given period of time, plus statistical reporting showing the trends, volumes, and nature of calls to Call Count’s phone numbers.

• Duration of calls;

• Call success;

• Callers’ numbers;

• Call Fails;

• Unique callers.

Call Count’s platform is user-friendly, can be up and running within a week, and from your point of view there’s no additional IT involvement or software required. The bonus is that different phone numbers can be allocated to different media and advertisements.

You’ll have 24/7 access to analysis and traffic reports on our online private-label portal. Plus you have the option of utilizing our web API services to download relevant data onto your own system.
Call Count is an international company, supplying advertising solutions in all forms of media. In the past it was mostly bigger companies who enjoyed the benefits of this system, however today Call Count’s system is readily available to small business owners or corporate agencies.

Basically, the Call Count phone number is a unique phone number which measures conversations between the advertiser and the consumer. Call Count provides this amazing technology through which conversations from all types of media can be measured. These are technological and statistical tools, supplying data on phone calls directed to the advertiser from all types of media.

The idea behind Call Count is that a company can track details of incoming calls to their business: with this data the business owner can determine the best way to spend their advertising dollar.

Which Advertising Works, and Which Doesn’t

For any business owner intending to create an advertising strategy, it’s vital that you know which media forms speak to your target audience. Using Call Count you’ll be able to examine the success of your campaigns and determine which media is the appropriate outlet for your advertising: meaning, which works, and which doesn’t.

Call Count provides comprehensive and vital data through call surveillance. Reporting can be received hourly, daily, or monthly, and your reporting can be based on area code, keywords, and so on. You can export all reports to Excel and print as needed. You also have the ability to decide which message you want played when connecting with an incoming phone call.