How can my company benefit from online press release distribution services?

  • We can teach you how to write a news release for maximum impact.
  • Press release distribution is a relatively cheap way to generate interest in your product.
  • Articles on news sites have a much higher degree of authority than self-generated content.
  • While you can write releases yourself, our press release distribution services have a wide reach of news outlets.
  • Once an outlet publishes a news item about your company, the information can take on a life of its own and be picked up by countless other sites.
  • Articles about your company on third-party platforms can be used to drive traffic to your site or even attract investors.
  • We can track the success of a PR campaign by analyzing how many articles a press release generates and on which sites.

Distributing Press Releases: SEO Advantages

1) Universal Applicability

There are a lot of SEO strategies that, far from being universal, actually only pay off for marketers working in very specific industries. Worse yet, many of these techniques get incorrectly recommended to businesses that won’t get much a positive result out of them. Press releases are different. They’re just as effective for small companies as they are for big ones and they work in every industry. You may not have a story that’s worthy of the New York Times, but there’s no reason you can’t capture your fair share of journals, podcasts, blogs, and magazines that focus on your niche.

2) Affordability

Compared to many other SEO techniques, issuing press releases is a positively bargain basement tactic. Press releases are typically written in-house by your own employees. The only cost you pay is in hiring a distribution service to transmit your release to the appropriate media figures. This is still an extremely cheap price, especially when you compare it to the cost of most forms of paid promotion.

3) Increased Visibility

Although press releases are valuable promotional tools for every industry, they’re especially useful for businesses pursuing a B2B strategy. In this model, establishing a strong presence in respected trade-centered media outlets is positively critical. Press releases do an admirable job of filling the role that conventional B2C promotional techniques can’t perform for these clients. It’s important to set up a long-term strategy for issuing press releases so that you cultivate a trusted and positive relationship with the key journalists covering your industry. This can translate into favorable attention that reaches your potential customers and influences their decisions.

4) Build Authority

A press release can help attract media attention that shines a spotlight on you and plays to your strengths. Having a journalist confirm your expertise independently is a promotional coup that it hard to equal with self-generated content. It fosters customer trust, which improves sales. It can also lead to a productive long-term relationship with media outlets who may consider you a “go-to” source of information and commentary.

5) Broad Reach

There is no real limit on how far a press release can go. Both online and traditional media outlets rely on referrals and redistribution from other outlets to feed their need for content. This can work to you advantage both upwards and downwards with press releases. A story that starts off in a local or industry niche outlet may get picked up by a bigger organization and spread far and wide. The reverse can happen as well, as broad general attention can lead to focused attention in smaller markets that’s also productive.

6) Reach Customers Directly

Now that many people get their news online, they’re getting much more discriminating about what they read and how they find it. If your press release appears in the right places, it may get picked up and reported in outlets that are popular among the sort of customers who are most likely to buy your products.

7) Investor Attraction

Many mid-size businesses struggle to find the capital they need for significant growth. Cultivating more press attention is an excellent way to make positive headway in attracting investors. You’ll probably want to collect all of your releases in one online archive to that potential investors can access them all in one place.


Our Online Press Release Distribution Process

Getting the publicity you crave couldn’t be easier when you use our release service. Simply write an announcement about something newsworthy your organization is doing. It could be the launch of a new product, a research breakthrough, a promotional offer – anything works. We’ll take your news item and send it on the rounds so that it’s received on all the news sites and search engines and, ultimately, presented to journalists and potential customers.

* Create

No matter how small your organization is, it’s doing something newsworthy. We’ll provide all the assistance you need to get started on your first press release.

* Distribute

We have a vast distribution network to feed your news into. It goes to all the major search engines, tens of thousands of journalists and influencers, and hundreds of thousands of news subscribers.

* Track

We’ll provide analytic data showing the impact your release makes. Track where your news is reported, who reads it, who shares it, and where it appears. Your data is regularly updated and constantly available to you.

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